We Want You (for Clubs and Organizations)!

Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Do you want a more diverse ASUN Government? Then join and make a difference. There are so many positions open right now, such as Programmer or Elections Chair. If you have ideas to create change on our campus and its students, please sign up.

Since all of you are Presidents, VP’s, or Treasurer’s of your own organizations, we know that all of you have some experience in the ASUN Department of Clubs & Orgs. You may have met your commissioner at the club fair, filled out a funding application, or attended the iLead Conference. We think experienced club leaders will do very well as an ASUN Club Commissioner.

If you want to have an influence on the way ASUN interacts with the clubs & organizations on campus, then go and apply! There are many benefits that come with being a Club Commissioner:

  1. Receive an ASUN Polo
  2. Make changes in the Funding Policy
  3. Receive a stipend of $3,000
  4. Guide new clubs in the right direction
  5. Organize big events, like Club Fair & iLead Conference

Read below about why we decided to become an ASUN Club Commissioner:

“I wanted to make the funding policy manual easier for clubs because I had issues when I was filling them out in the past.” -Adam Tarr, Commissioner of Pre-Professional/Academics: Arts, Business, & Education

“I felt like clubs didn’t know what was offered to them, so I wanted to educate them more about the system.” -Rachel Wang, Commissioner of Pre-Professional/Academics: Science & Engineering

“I thought it would be a fun experience to try and get to know the other clubs around campus.” -Roderick Hidalgo, Commissioner of Greek Life & Community Service/Outreach

“I saw that sports clubs weren’t able to utilize as much funding, so I wanted to see how I could change that.” -Luke Bittar, Commissioner of Sports & Recreation

“There was a lot of stigma that ASUN didn’t represent a majority of the students on campus, so I wanted to show that anyone can be involved in ASUN.” -Kenneth Ronquillo, Commissioner of Campus Life, Faith Based, & Social/Political Involvement

“Diversity in the school is a big passion of mine. I wanted to help those clubs become a bigger presence on campus.” -Casandra Carrasco, Commissioner of Multicultural & Diversity


Please contact us here http://www.nevadaasun.com/contact-clubs-orgs/ , if you have any questions about the position!