Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund


The Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund (SNIF) is the Associated Students of the University of Nevada’s environmental grant program. Undergraduate students from all academic disciplines and departments are invited to propose projects that enhance the sustainability of our campus and community. SNIF awards grants to projects that have the highest potential for sustainable impact and success.

This year, there is $10,000 set aside for the Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund. Please be sure that your budget does not go beyond this number unless you are expecting external funding (which should be documented and outlined).

Application: The application for the SNIF Grant will remain open until the first day of the spring semester. Applications are expected to be thorough, with specific environmental impacts to the campus outlined and a detailed budget with quotes for materials.

To apply for the sustainability grant, please fill out The Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund form. Application will open November 1st, and will close on March 1st, 2018.

Projects chosen for funding by the sustainability committee will be notified by April 1st, 2018.


Q: Who decides on which sustainability initiatives to fund?
A: According to ASUN statute, the committee is overseen by the Director of Sustainability. The Director of Sustainability appoints a committee that consists of a professor from the Environmental Science Department, a representative from Campus Sustainability, a representative from Facilities, a representative from the Student Services Division, and any other members the he/she deems necessary.

Q: Can any kind of student apply for the  Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund (SNIF)?
A: Any undergraduate student can apply for the fund regardless of academic discipline, and can apply individually, or on behalf of a group or club.

Q: How many sustainability applications will be funded?
A: It completely depends on the applications that are received and what the committee decides to fund. The committee may decide to fund one project at a full amount of $10,000, or may decide to fund five smaller projects with a $2,000 budget.

Please forward any other questions to  the Director of sustainability at