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ASUN Elections for President, Vice President and Senate positions happen every Spring.  Applications for those positions will be listed on this page each January.  

Appointed ASUN positions and Student Hourly Positions can be found at the University Job Board

Government Relations Internship

An intership in the Department of Legislative Affairs will expose the individual to politics, legislation, lobbying, event planning and task management. Our interns will be asked to parcitipate in all Department Meetings, attend events sponsored by the department, help with coordinating events and be active in discussions regarding the 2015 legislative Session and our events on campus. We ask that our interns have an interest in politics, be well organized and have an open mind to any and all ideas.

 Apply here for the Goverment Relations Internship

Judicial Internship Program

The Judicial Internship Program at the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about the judicial council’s role in ASUN through direct involvement with actual council cases. Involvement in the program prepares students for the challenges of working as a justice. As Chief Justice, I will be directly involved in the internship program, shaping its curriculum and guiding you through the experience.

There are three Judicial Intern positions in total. To be considered for the position, any undergraduate student can submit an application, resume, and cover letter, provided they meet the two minimum qualifications for holding an ASUN office (per the ASUN Constitution, all ASUN Officers must be enrolled in at least 7 credits and maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA). Appointed Judicial interns will work directly with the council and have the opportunity to assist in case preparation, council marketing events, and other administrative work. Although interns will not be directly involved case deliberation, interns are encouraged to contribute in pertinent discussions and collaborate with current justices to work towards improving Nevada. Additionally, interns must attend all regularly scheduled judicial council meetings, build strong familiarity with the legal documents of the Association (Constitution, Statutes of the Associated Students, and others), and exercise consistent discretion about council business.

The ASUN Judicial Internship is a fantastic opportunity to become involved within your student government here at Nevada, and develop transferable skills applicable to your future endeavors. Thank you for your continued interest, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Apply here for the Judicial Internship Program


Executive Inteship Program

Through the Executive internship program undergraduate students will have the chance to work under The President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Campus and Public Relations, or the Attorney General. Executive Interns shall assist Executive members in researching projects, budgetary issues, and all other matters of operations as necessary.

Apply here for the Executive Iinternship Program


We currently do not have any open positions.

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