The ASUN Elections Commission provides an avenue for motivated Nevada students to begin their understanding of public service through election into ASUN. As a result of ASUN involvement, students become engaged locally as well as nationally and are instilled with a deep sense of leadership and civic responsibility that contributes to the development of engaged citizens. ASUN elected officials are actively involved in almost every aspect of the University and meet with administrators, system officials and legislators on a regular basis to improve our campus and discuss student related concerns and initiatives. The decisions made by ASUN Officers affect every individual on campus. As such, individual’s roles within the ASUN are critical and service requires commitment. Serving fellow constituents is truly a great experience.

Read the 2019 Candidate Packet for more information about running for an ASUN Government position.

  • The General Elections are March 13th and 14th, 2019. Elections start at 8 am and close at 5 pm on each day.

Open positions:

Vice President:
CABNR: 2 seats 
College of Business: 4 seats 
College of Education: 2 seats
College of Engineering: 3 seats 
College of Liberal Arts: 5 seats 
College of Science: 3 seats
Community Health Sciences: 3 seats
School of Journalism: 1 seat
Division of Health Science: 1 seat
Interdisciplinary Programs: 1 seats


2019 Candidates for President
2019 Candidates for Vice President
2019 Candidates for CABNR
2019 Candidates for College of Business
2019 Candidates for College of Education
2019 Candidates for College of Engineering
2019 Candidates for College of Liberal Arts
2019 Candidates for College of Science
2019 Candidates for Community Health Sciences
2019 Candidates School of Journalism
2019 Candidates for Division of Health Science
2019 Candidates for Interdisciplinary Programs

For additional information or questions contact Director of Elections Daniel Little