Savannah Hughes



Committee Member of: Oversight (Chair).

Bio and Platform:

Savannah Hughes is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering. She currently serves as Speaker Pro Tempore and Senator for the College of Engineering within ASUN. Outside of ASUN, Savannah is the Civil Engineering student representative on the Central Differential Fees Committee and a member of Blue Key Honor Society. During her first term, Savannah worked with fellow senators and administrators to increase accessibility of the Engineering Computer Center, laid the foundation for a Global Engineering Program and developed a working relationship with College of Engineering and University administration. Through the experience she has gained, Savannah wishes to serve as a resource to future senators in an effort to increase accountability, accessibility and productivity within ASUN. Above all else, Savannah promises to reassure her fellow students that regardless of her set-aforementioned goals, the most important aspect of being a senator is understanding the needs of students and tailoring day to day operations to best reflect those needs.

“Your voices matter, let us work together to give them a platform.”


  1. Continue to create a student-centered academic experience
    – Explore the possibilities of combating access code and textbook prices
    – Work with faculty to make course evaluations accessible to students.
  2. Broaden opportunities for student growth through programs and initiatives
    – Maintain collaboration with faculty to construct a Global Engineering Program, providing additional study abroad opportunities to engineering majors.
    – Continue efforts to install proxy access to the Engineering Computing Center
    – Expand implementation of the menstrual hygiene accessibility initiative
  3. Facilitate increased interaction between student-government officers and students