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ASUN Bookstore Changes Name to Nevada Wolf Shop

After 60 years, ASUN Bookstore Changes Name to “Nevada Wolf Shop”

 Last semester the ASUN Bookstore staff and ASUN student officers decided it was appropriate to change the name of the ASUN Bookstore to more accurately describe everything the store has to offer.  ASUN purchased the bookstore in 1951, and now 60 years later, books are no longer the dominant product sold. Electronics as well as sportswear and organic food can all be purchased within the store.

 It was decided that a new name was needed to keep up with the changing times and capture the essence of what the bookstore was really about. With that in mind, the organization developed a competition among students, faculty and alumni looking for a new creative design and logo for the bookstore.


 Undergraduate Student Adonis Palustre won the competition with his innovative name and design.  Palustre is a senior at the university majoring in International Affairs with an emphasis on Asia.  He saw a campus poster advertising the competition and saw it as an opportunity to leave his mark on the university.

 Palustre was looking for creative inspiration when he stumbled upon a picture of a howling wolf.

 “I was thinking of initials that I could incorporate in the primary logo. There are the initials W (the legs) and S (the tail) in the Wolf logo so I decided to go for WS for Wolf Shop,” said Palustre.


 The Nevada Wolf Shop design embodies all that the store stands for and all that is has to offer.  It promotes the university as a whole and encourages pack pride as well as pack unity. Marie Stewart, the Director of Nevada Wolf Shop, thinks the new name and design are a positive change to the store.

 Despite the name change to the bookstore, "the core mission will stay the same.  We will continue to provide goods and services essential to the educational process in a timely and cost effective fashion,”  said Stewart.

 ASUN is proud to debut the new name and logo this fall semester.


The Nevada Wolf Shop is a self-supported retail operation owned and operated by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN). ASUN is made up of every undergraduate student in a least 1 credit.  The ASUN decides what to do with the extra funds through the ASUN President and ASUN Senate. A variety of student based activities have been supported with some recent examples including equipment and remodeling for the Lombardi/Wellness Center, creation of student seating section of the Lawlor Events Center, Distinguished Teachers Awards, the climbing wall at Lombardi Recreation, the Intramural Fields and a variety of scholarships awarded annually. In the last three years, the ASUN and Nevada Wolf Shop have provided over $1,000,000 in benefits to the campus community.  Be sure to shop on campus as the money comes back to you!

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