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The joint vision for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada. Please click the link below to access the full document.

Joint Vision 2017 Full Document (PDF)

Joint Vision 2017

The Joint Vision 2017 project began as the creation of the new strategic plan for ASUN. As we began to research various issues facing the Associated Students in March and April 2009, it became clear that the scope of the project was becoming far larger than we ever anticipated. In July 2009, our research efforts into best practices from Universities across the United States and higher education administration theory reached completion. We then began to consolidate the voluminous data into a coherent set of best practices that most aptly apply to the University of Nevada. Another component of our research was to examine the current programs and practices at our University to identify which areas could be reinforced or improved upon.

Our goal in the project is to craft a student vision for the University of Nevada in 2017. We have attempted to keep our recommendations as general as possible and it is critical to point out that the University has already made headway in many of the following recommendations. The intent of this document is not to point fingers or criticize different elements of the University. The first step in making progress in any field of human endeavor is a sense of brutal honesty and willingness to accept constructive feedback. Joint Vision is designed to provide a vehicle for discussion about our future as an institution in terms of direction, structure, philosophy, and efficiency. We must consolidate our efforts and clearly delineate our institutional priorities to our faculty, staff, students, community, and citizens.

As stated earlier, this document is not a criticism of our current practices. We merely hope that the University community will view our Joint Vision as a primer for the institutional evolution to the great University we have all striven to build. At the University of Nevada, we have incredibly talented and dedicated faculty and staff whose collective work forges the excellence that our institution has and will be known for. Over the past year, we have truly come together as a University community to fight the extraordinary difficulties the state budget situation presented us with. We now stand poised to enter an era of rebuilding and reorganization; we stand at the precipice of immense change where we can decide to continue on our present course while divvying up scarce resources or take the plunge to strive to become the best institution we can to serve the students and citizens of Nevada.

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